Culture, Arts, Language Exchange Between Wigan & Angers


Culture, Arts, Language Exchange Between Wigan & Angers

About Us

Wigan has a dedicated association to the Twinning of Wigan and Angers called the Angers Twinning Association (ATA).

The ATA meets once a month and actively assists the French ambassadors in their work. Members love France, the french language, customs, culture and are always happy to share experiences.

We arrange visits to Angers every two years where Wiganers are able to experience the country, culture and meet new French friends.

Twinning opens the door to new opportunities for everyone to enjoy. Our Ambassador is always interested in new ideas and projects. So, if you are interested in the Twinning of Wigan and Angers, why not come along to the next ATA meeting and find out more.

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There are currently no events scheduled at this time.


  • Develop Strong Partnerships between Wigan & Angers
  • French culture and Language courses to the Individuals or Businesses.
  • Promote local food and drinks between the two cities
  • Trip To Angers organised on a regular basis.
  • Support the Ambassador of Twinning Office.
  • Networking with the other actors of the Borough

Meetings / Social Evenings

The Old courts

Bailiff bar

We meet once a month to explore Culture, Arts, Language Exchange Between Wigan & Angers and more. Interested? Please come along to learn more.

Our Partners

Voice Technology
Wigan Council
The Old Courts
Wigan Athletic
Leigh Hackspace
Leigh Hackspace


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